vsALI.com started as a debate between two friends on who would win if Mike Tyson fought Muhammad Ali. The conversation then went from Tyson vs. Ali to Joe Lewis vs. Ali, then something amazing happened…

We realized that we love to debate! Whether it is running backs like Barry Sanders vs. Emmitt Smith, political debates between Democrats and Republicans, or something a little more trivial like a vacation in the Mountains vs. the Ocean.

So welcome to vsALI.com!

vsALI.com was also started to gauge the pulse of our world by instigating real life scenarios for honest opinions. When we see a poll, we liked to question where they get the data from. It always seemed odd that normal, everyday people do not got polled.

Where are these people who are polling to get us these numbers? It is especially challenging when it is a controversial issue, since group think tends to cause bias. We constantly read national papers telling me what the “average” person believes about an issue. But seriously, did they really ask the right people?

Let’s turn off CNN, NBC, Fox, ESPN, and TMZ and find out for ourselves the real pulse of our world with some honest polls. Let the fight begin!

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