Are boston dynamics robots safe?

Safe vs. Skynet: What do you think of the new Boston Dynamics robots?

I saw a news article today that revealed the infamous Boston Dynamics robots can now open doors.  This new development adds to the growing list of things these robots can do just about as well as humans can do. Just check out this YouTube video of a Boston Dynamics robot picking itself back up after getting pushed over from behind.

I have been following this company for several years now, and there robots are quite terrifying.  But then again, I have watched a lot of sci-fi movies over the years. So, it made me stop for a moment and ponder whether or not I should be worried about these robots in the near future.

What do you think of Boston Dynamics robots?

Am I crazy for getting a little worried about the power and sophistication of these robots? Or are we still a long ways off from having to worry about robots taking over the world? It would be great to get your votes as well as comments below.